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Freelance, contract, project-based, ghostwritten.  Whichever term you prefer to describe the legal assistance offered by Ghost Legal, learn how our services can benefit your practice, your clients and your peace of mind.


Ghost Legal's innovative and customizable subscription packages help eliminate unpredictable bills and remove barriers to project-based, freelance collaborations.  Check out all the features and benefits you can enjoy.


Wondering what legal professionals are saying about Ghost Legal?  Client satisfaction and exceeding client expectations are primary focuses for Ghost Legal.  See how our services and product are received by our clients.



The breadth of topics researched by Ghost Legal over the years has revealed many that cry out to be highlighted and even irreverently mocked.  In our Blog, you might learn something new or perhaps just enjoy a legal laugh.

Your Firm's Legal Research and Writing Solution

For twenty years, Jami Kohn has proven to be a skilled, creative and innovative attorney with a record of success in a broad range of criminal and civil litigation cases. After twelve years working for a firm that grew from less than twenty attorneys to nearly fifty over that time, in 2011, Ms. Kohn founded the Law Offices of Jami M. Kohn, now Ghost Legal, to expand the availability of her legal research and writing services to solo practitioners and small and mid-sized law firms on a project-by-project basis. Ghost Legal delivers high quality work on a deadline to earn your trust and continued business. This is our top priority.


The benefits to hiring Ghost Legal include:

  • Flexibility and decrease in workload. When Ghost Legal takes the research and writing tasks off your to-do list, this gives you more flexibility to attend depositions and hearings, work on other cases, bring in new clients and meet the other challenges of your day.

  • Cost-effective services. When you hire Ghost Legal, you still make a profit. With upfront, flat-rate pricing and multiple tiered subscription package options, Ghost Legal adds stability and predictability to your bottom line.  The difference between these fees and what you bill is your profit. Your client receives great service and so do you. There are no hidden charges for research fees, copies, phone calls or emails. You do not increase overhead or supply expenses.

  • Growth. With Ghost Legal working for you, you can serve more clients or bring in new business. Ghost Legal services buy you time to determine if and when you need more full-time staff.

  • An ethical option. All states allow freelance lawyering. This enables Ghost Legal to offer research and writing services to law firms in Georgia and across the United States.


Thank you for contacting the Law Offices of Jami M. Kohn! We look forward to working with you.

Ghost Legal

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