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Ghost Legal prides itself on its professionalism, superior product and client satisfaction.  When you hire Ghost Legal for your legal research and writing project, you receive prompt service, partner-level products at less than associate-level prices and a commitment to exceeding client expectations.  Below are samples of what clients of Ghost Legal are saying:

“I have known Jami for more than a dozen years.  She is the best legal researcher I have ever known.  She also provides outstanding written work, whether it is an appellate brief or a Motion or Response filed in the trial court.  Jami’s work product is always timely, thorough and well-written.  Jami has proven to be an invaluable resource.”

Adam M. Gleklen, The Gleklen Law Firm, Atlanta, GA

“Jami has provided research and writing support for me for several years. She has always provided the highest level of research and writing skills and has done so in a timely and cost effective manner.”

John P. Wilson, III, Levine, Smith, Snider & Wilson, LLC, Atlanta, GA

“Jami did an amazing job on an appeal from a very complicated case where the issues ranged from family law to corporate law and some very odd civil procedure rulings. With Jami’s help in the appeal, our client was completely vindicated and the case closed to his complete satisfaction. Also Jami was able to handle the entire appeal at a very reasonable and economical price to our firm and the client. We will always use Jami in any future appeals!”

Justin Wyatt, Justin Wyatt, P.C., Marietta, GA

I have worked with Jami Kohn for the past decade, and during that time I have turned to her for advice and guidance many times. The experience and knowledge she provides gives me the confidence that I am doing everything possible to protect my clients’ interests.  I admire her skills, professionalism, and the respect she has earned from fellow colleagues.  Jami’s thoroughness, dedication to her clients, and command of the law are unparalleled and have routinely ensured a successful outcome even in the most challenging of circumstances.  I proudly give Jami my highest recommendation.

Charles J. Bowen, The Bowen Law Group, Savannah, GA

Jami is an absolute asset to my firm.  She has a tremendous work ethic and exceptional writing style.  She exceeds expectations every time.  Highly recommended! 

Will Downs, Downs Law, LLC, Decatur, GA

Jami is not only brilliant...She is a lifesaver. When I had a hearing come up suddenly she was not only able to research the issue and write a comprehensive memo in 24 hours, but she made herself available by phone for any follow-up questions.

In a word… She is amazing!

Stacy Levy, Stacy Levy Law, LLC, Lawrenceville, GA

“I use Why Hire an Associate/Jami Kohn for two main reasons: 1) I do not have the time generally to spend hours articulating and framing the questions and issues. If I did, I would probably be writing the solution. 2) Not only does she grasp the issues and questions quickly from raw and/or summary material, Jami delivers accurate, supported analytical responses. I could not ask or hope for more.”

Mark V. Spix, Mark V. Spix, P.C., Atlanta, GA

“I cannot say enough nice things about Jami Kohn or her work. I have been in practice for 22 years. I was a partner at Weinstock & Scavo for 14 years. I worked with Jami and supervised some of her work at W&S. It was top notch. Later, when I started Cohan Law Group (CLG), Jami was able to help us by researching and writing briefs on complex business litigation issues. No one is easier to work with or turns out a better product. We are a little more than 2 years into our practice and we have grown to 4 attorneys with nearly 70 years of experience between us. I still call on Jami when we need some extra help.”

Louis R. Cohan, Cohan Law Group, LLC, Atlanta, GA

“I clearly understand the argument and love the brief. It is something that is clear that I can easily argue.  I truly appreciate your excellent work product!!!! Makes my solo practice become as competitive as the large corporate level law firms.”

Adrian L. Patrick, Law Offices of Adrian L. Patrick, Snellville, GA

Jami has assisted me on many cases over the years.  Her greatest skill is taking a complex legal issue and boiling it down to understandable and direct reasoning  and logic. She has been 100% accurate and supports her opinions with extensive research, always mindful of opposing views. 

Bill Lundy, Parker & Lundy, Cedartown, GA

Jami Kohn is a huge help to me and my clients.  She has a wealth of knowledge about appellate work.  She assisted me on several appellate briefs which allowed me to obtain favorable results for my clients.  Jami is a strong writer and always turns projects around quickly.  I would not hesitate in recommending Jami Kohn.

Alyson Lembeck, Ellis Funk, P.C., Atlanta, GA

I have worked with Jami regularly for the past six months and cannot say enough great things about her or her work product!  She is intelligent, witty, thorough, well-prepared, and her writing is fantastic!  Jami provides clear, concise, and well-reasoned arguments in briefs and motions with dependable authority.  She is also great at breaking down legal and factual issues to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of an argument or a case in general.  I cannot imagine not having Jami as part of my team going forward.  I give her 10 stars and highly recommend her services (as long as she is still available for me!)

Heather Brown, Brown Law, Roswell, GA

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