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What Does
Ghost Legal Do?

Ghost Legal provides high-quality, cost-effective and time-saving services for your firm that meet client expectations and the busy demands of your practice. Ghost Legal is your thorough and trusted legal research and writing resource.  No matter what type of law you practice, Ghost Legal's broad range of experience in civil litigation and criminal motions practice makes us an indispensable asset for meeting your deadlines and easing your workload. From complex cases to the most basic of actions, Ghost Legal can help.

Motions, Briefs, Appeals and Responses

Research Memorandums

Pleadings and Petitions

Deposition Summaries

Bench Briefs

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How Much Does
Ghost Legal Cost?

Ghost Legal is an innovative legal research and writing subscription service that helps solo and small firm practitioners proactively address their overflow legal needs.  Ghost Legal allows a research and writing collaboration that focuses on delivering file-ready pleadings and legal support, not on hourly billing and fee collection.  With upfront, flat-rate pricing and multiple tiered subscription packages, Ghost Legal adds stability and predictability to your bottom line.


Ghost Legal does not bill by the hour since your concern is not with the amount of time spent on any given project, but the quality and accuracy of the delivered product.  The distraction of the billable hour takes away from the real purpose of the Ghost Legal alliance - providing partner-level products at less than associate-level prices.  Ghost Legal allows solo, small- and mid-sized firm practitioners to have the time and flexibility to practice law and grow their business.


The Ghost Legal subscription service is easy to use, accessible to practitioners with varying levels of need and provides transparent pricing that allows you to accurately predict and plan your outsourced research and writing needs.

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For terms and conditions (come on, we're lawyers, we should all have them!), click here.

Is Using Ghost
Legal Ethical?

The ethical considerations for freelance lawyers have been explored and permitted by the American Bar Association, the State Bar of Georgia and most, if not all, other state bar associations.  In its most recent formal opinion regarding contract or freelance lawyers, ABA Formal Opinion 08-451 approved of outsourced legal services, as it has for more than 20 years.  The State Bar of Georgia found in Formal Advisory Opinion 05-9, that “While a temporary lawyer and the employing firm or corporate law department must be sensitive to the unique problems of conflicts of interest, confidentiality, imputed disqualification, client participation, use of placement agencies and fee division produced by the use of temporary lawyers, there is nothing in the Georgia Rules of Professional Conduct that prohibits the use of temporary lawyers.” Further, FAO 05-9 observes that “If a temporary attorney is directly supervised by an attorney in a law firm, that arrangement is analogous to fee splitting with an associate in a law firm, which is allowed by Rule 1.5(e). Thus, in that situation there is no requirement of consent by the client regarding the fee.”

Ghost Legal ensures potential conflicts are filtered out and all client confidences are kept consistent with legal ethics standards.  Although Ghost Legal does not form any attorney-client relationships, it still carries its own malpractice insurance.

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