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Feliz Dia del Abogado!

It's National Lawyer Day (in Argentina) today! Given the ubiquitousness of lawyers in American society and my love of cake, I believe this holiday should be celebrated north AND south of the equator. Further, with all the other holidays we have on the calendar and all the other professions that have a day, attorneys should get in on the action too. For example, if we can celebrate St. Patrick's day with green beer and shamrocks, we should celebrate St. Ives's day (the patron saint of lawyers - he actually does have a feast day on May 19) with ale and ivy. If we could celebrate National Medical Dosimetrist Day just two weeks ago, National Contract Negotiator Day shouldn't be too much of a stretch. So take a break from bad mouthing opposing counsel and fill your mouth with cake and ice cream instead. Yay lawyers!

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